Well, I’ve had a good cry tonite. I love my house in the mountains where I am. I am on 10 acres. The house has natural spring water. I am on the top of the mountain. There is not one house past me. And not a neighbor in sight. (**Might start crying again writing this.) It is so beautiful here. This house is home to me. Home Sweet Home.

It’s very hard, really, to get me to move. Because I just like to be settled down and be at home. I love this house. Be it ever so humble there’s no place like home. It is so quiet here. So peaceful. Plus, I have done so much work in the Lord here. I have many happy memories here and it’s my dream come true.

It was dream to come to the Appalachian Mountains and live in the South. It’s truly been my dream come true and this is my Home Sweet Home.

I’m leaving tomorrow to go to the house in NC.

I was going to drive to NC today to transact on the house I’m getting there. I had a question. I called the management company today on that. While talking, they offered for me to come in tomorrow, pay and take the keys. (Otherwise, I would have driven there today – 3 hour round trip – and driven there again tomorrow.) Well, I appreciated the offer because it’s easier for me to drive there tomorrow, pay, take the keys, and go to the house.  That way, it’s a 1-1/2 hour trip tomorrow.  I don’t like driving either.

I like being in my house nice and quiet. I only come down from the mountain once a month or so to go into town for grocery shopping and business to attend to. “Homebody” would probably not begin to describe me. I like to sit in my house and read the Bible and pray and meditate on the Lord and spend time with the Lord.

So, I cannot help but cry that I am leaving this house. I love it here.

It is time for the next leg of the journey:  the new season.

It is time for me now to emerge and become a public figure.  I’ve dreaded that all my life. At the same time, of course, I have looked forward to the wonderful things God will do that He has spoken to me of these many years. I, of course, look forward to entrance into ZION in the return to land as Eden restored.

Well, it’s been a wonderful time here at this house and very special to me in my life and in the Lord. I am very sentimental about this house, this property, and my memories here.

I am thankful for the house I am going to in NC. I like the log cabins. And the Lord has shown me the house He has for me ultimately further north in NC. It has barn wood in it. So, I very much like that.

I want to build a prayer center on this property here where I am. There is a beautiful view of the valley and the mountains at the back of this property. And, Lordwilling, I am going to build another house there. A large house. It will be a prayer center.

So, tomorrow, I will go to the new house… settle in just a bit. Get some groceries there and things and make myself at home there.

But, I think this property will always be home to me. So, perhaps I will have two houses. During winters as a snowbird, I may live in the prayer center that I will build, Lordwilling on this property. (I really don’t like cold winters and snow.  NC has cold winters and snow. Here on this mountain where I am, it is 50 degrees during the day in the winter.)

The internet is not good here at this house where I am. But, as the move takes off, I was thinking that I could see if they could run fiber optic up here. This past year they said no. But, perhaps by this winter something can be arranged??  And perhaps I can build the prayer center. Then use it as my winter home.

Because, be it ever so humble… there’s no place like home.

You see, saints, though it is only (perhaps) less than 3 years (possibly) until we transfigure and the land is restored as Eden, you see… we will be living here under protection during the Great Tribulation period and then for the 1000 years. So, I don’t see myself only having 3 years use of my homes. I see myself having 1000 years use of my homes. And all of us as saints having our dream homes.

I don’t see an “end of the world” for us. I see the beginning of the foretaste of the 1000 years we will spend on this soil. And, so, it makes sense to build the prayer center (and build it to last the 1000 years).

The scripture says despise not small beginnings.

I’ve had a small beginning… here.  And it is Home Sweet Home.

Thoughts from my heart.

Love in Jesus,

Apostle Laura Lee

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