The scripture tells us that Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church.  Every member is a part of His body.  The scripture says that each member does IT’S PART.  And then we ALL WORK TOGETHER.  Here is a difference between dead religion and the Holy Spirit.  With the Holy Spirit, each member does it’s own work.  And God makes it all work together by supernatural means.  When Jesus is the Head, each part gets it’s direction from the Head and just functions as one by God’s leading.  The problem comes in when one member of the body wants to rule over the work of another member.

Obviously, when a ministry team works together, there is a unity of agreement that must be established between them all in liberty by which they agree together as one to achieve one common goal as a team.  That is one ministry in which members all play a part.  But it is not the whole of a Christian’s life.  It is a uniting together to do a specific work.  So, setting that to the side, let’s look at the larger picture of dysfunction that comes into the body of Christ.

The dysfunction is the elimination of Jesus as the Head as one member strives to control the work of another member… instead of doing their own.

In my case, a multitude of people think my personal relationship with God, my testimony, and my calling is their business.  And think they are qualified to “play the Head” in relationship to me.  Weigh in with their opinion.  Take over the role of God in my life.

It’s to my perception a demonic power moving to usurp authority over me to play God over my life and ministry… to take over the role of the Head.  Usually, I ignore it.  However, I have hit a tipping point in which I will no longer ignore it.  I will address boundary lines with people.

Whether they repent or not… I will arise in the Spirit of God as the result.  Not saying that I’m perfect because none of us is. No matter how faulted or flawed the exercise is of defining the boundary line and occupying it without trespass by demonic activity… my spirit inside of me in Jesus will battle this demonic power and arise strengthened because I rose to fight the good fight of faith and define the boundary lines.

People wonder how they can arise in Christ.  One way of looking at it is to establish healthy boundary lines where persons are not across your boundary lines.  Because this is trespass and it is the sinful nature in them that comes across your boundary lines.  In the world, they are a hive.  The 666 beast system is a hive operation of bondage and oppression in compromised boundary lines so fully compromised that satan manifests fully within each member and the whole body as one in the final blasphemy.

It is difficult to put in words or spell out, so I will leave it up to the reader to contemplate more fully.  In Christ, each of us has a personal relationship with God and we arise in fullness in Christ as fully mature adults governed solely by Jesus and not governed in the flesh by one another.  Apart from Christ in the hive of the world system made fully manifest, they lose their souls completely to the spirit of the hive being fully imploded inwardly and crushed.  These two spirits, their functions and how they “unite” are completely and totally opposite.

The spirit of the devil to manifest the demonic bonds of the flesh moves persons to pry inquisitively into things that are none of their business.  It is a spirit of trespass and violation… and it’s aim is to form the bondage of domination and control of that spirit.  It is the spirit of the hive.  It is the spirit of the devil.  It denies liberty in Christ.  It denies personal relationship with God in Christ.  It is a Christless bond of the flesh in the sinful nature that crushes the souls of those who are bound in it and by it.

Well, it will be a challenge to write a short post and cover the matter in any breadth of extent.

What I will testify is that the TRESPASS of the religious hive spirit of the devil that demands power to invade my business, my testimony, my property line in Jesus, has come to a head with me.  I found it so appalling that people are like this, I have avoided them and their dysfunction for what to me is a long time.  The hive spirit of the religious demon of man… the sinful nature manifesting… that trespasses and invades prying inquisitively into matters that are none of person’s concern… and a false claim of ownership that does not belong to them.  It is gross disrespect for God and for me.  It is religious persons trespassing to usurp the role of God in my life.

I reject the hive spirit.  I reject that codependent spirit in which persons move to become one in the spirit of the devil according to the weakness of the flesh wrongly thinking it’s the Holy Spirit.  It’s not the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is not nosey, a meddler, a busybody, a gossip, and a slanderer.  The Holy Spirit doesn’t send a person to take over the life and ministry and testimony and calling of another Christian who is doing the work in the Lord God has given that Christian to do.

In my case, because my commission is in answer to fulfillment of scripture, this hive mentality and this religious demon goes absolutely wild.  People actually believe their “sense of reality” has power to reach into my life and project itself onto me because we are talking about scripture… and they have their own ideas about scripture.  They believe this is “license to weigh in and take over”.  The level boundary trespass in which they engage is so far outside anything normal or truly Christian, and so demonic, it’s over the top!  Excessive!  Out of control!  Out of order!  Dysfunction manifesting!

Honestly, it’s hard to say when this demon will stop manifesting in Christians.  Their minds seem to blur, and they let this demon take them over.

Where before I ignored this demon manifesting in people, I will now address it as it moves.  It is a spirit of gossip, nosey, meddler, and a busybody.  They don’t leave me to do my work and my own part that God has given me to do.  They try to take ownership of everything about me.  It’s excessively out of control!  It’s demonic!  They violate and trespass and come across my boundary lines declaring themselves to be the Head on the basis of their opinion.

They have a major problem, for the most part, because my testimony is over their heads.  Everything about me is over their heads.  And instead of working out their own salvation… they come across my boundary line.  Dead religion takes over when one part of the body tries to play the “Head” of another part of the body.

They want to pull everything down to their level.  They want to accuse me on the basis of their own limited comprehension.

The gossip has hit the level returning to me, that I am truly angry.  By local people thinking that they can say whatever they want to say about me… and “that’s okay!”  It’s not okay.  And  I am angry enough that I will answer it now… and it will no longer pass.

People have had plenty of plenty of time to hear from God personally to correct their behavior by reading the Bible, praying, and learning directly from God right from wrong.  They clearly will continue in their trespass as if they have done no wrong… if they are not confronted.

I want my boundary line respected.  I will pray for them.  But if they continue to trespass my boundary line, then I want God to judge them.  It’s no longer anything I can or will tolerate.

I will confront the next incident directly with that person should I hear it come down the line.  And if they will not repent and relent to get out of God’s shoes… then I will ask God to judge between them and me in their usurpation of His place in my life.

I don’t know these people.  They don’t know me.  They run on hearsay not knowing me at all.  And talk about me.

Perhaps a person needs to move from an area every so often to stop the whole hive mentality swarm attack of satan.  I don’t know.  I know it’s nothing I want in my life.  It’s like people laying claim to me in full violation of all my boundary lines in Christ.

I’m not sure how they could drive me more away from them… alienate me more completely… then move in that spirit to usurp authority over me… and become my God in their own minds.  The “we are one” and now there are no boundary lines and I can usurp authority over you and “work on you” by all the devil’s methodologies.  I am literally shaking my head.

Good fences make good neighbors.  But to the religious, there are no fences.  Everything is their business, and no one has a right to a personal relationship with God and to do the work God gave them to do without their approval.

I don’t want any part of this community here… on the terms of those who want to be my God.  And stop me from being who I am in Christ.

And I hit my limit of hearing of what was said about me in matters that are none of their business.  I am infuriated. What God will do with it, I don’t know.  I’d love to ignore them for the rest of my life.  But it came into my sphere of perception just one too many times.

It’s like they don’t believe that God can make the body one and each member can do it’s part without them being nosey, meddler, busybodies, gossips, and trying to force conformity to the limit of their level understanding.  I don’t mind praying for them.  I don’t mind sharing my books.

I don’t even mind that in a gathering that is in order manifest glory will pour out of me to them.  It’s just I don’t want people to play God with my life.

And I suppose they wonder why they’ve driven people out of church… thinking they are so “loving”.  Well, I doubt I’m the only person who wants nothing to do with organized religion and people playing God with one’s life.  I just happen to have an apostolic call.

Am I perfect?  Of course not!  Will I need to pray through?  Yes.  Have they trespassed me?  Yes, they have one too many times.

So, let’s go round next time, and see what God does.  Because they are playing God with my life.

Ephesians 4:15 But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ:

16 From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love.

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